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◆ Bianca. 18. Germany. ◆ Welcome to my world! :) I like to think of this blog as a health & fitness blog, but also as a little glimpse into my life. The journey I'm on is about self worth and acceptance, while creating the best version of me. I believe that your attitude towards life really changes the outcome, and if you work hard, amazing things will happen. You're welcome to do this journey with me! My inbox is always open, don't be shy - doing this together is so much more fun! ❤ Elephant Gif photo elephantblack_walking.gif

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20 Summer Smoothie RecipesWatermelon FrostyGrapefruit Pink SmoothieStrawberry Lemonade FrostyPinkie Sweet Pomegranate SmoothieCitrus FrostyPeaches and Cream SmoothieFresh Orange Juice SmoothiePeachy Hemp Protein SmoothiePeachy Lychee DaiquiriCalm Chamomile SmoothiePina Avocado SmoothieKiwi Basil SmoothieBlue Acai SmoothieBlueberry Kickstart SmoothieBerry-Cado SmoothieStrawberry Banana SmoothieBlueberry Coconut Water FrostyDark and Frosty Acai SmoothieAlmond Butter ShakeChocolate Chai Shake

20 Summer Smoothie Recipes
Watermelon Frosty
Grapefruit Pink Smoothie
Strawberry Lemonade Frosty
Pinkie Sweet Pomegranate Smoothie
Citrus Frosty
Peaches and Cream Smoothie
Fresh Orange Juice Smoothie
Peachy Hemp Protein Smoothie
Peachy Lychee Daiquiri
Calm Chamomile Smoothie
Pina Avocado Smoothie
Kiwi Basil Smoothie
Blue Acai Smoothie
Blueberry Kickstart Smoothie
Berry-Cado Smoothie
Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Blueberry Coconut Water Frosty
Dark and Frosty Acai Smoothie
Almond Butter Shake
Chocolate Chai Shake

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